✨Magical Maths!✨

We have been working hard building up a really good understanding of number. We love practising our fast fingers to match the numbers and when our fingers match, the Numberblocks pop out to see our fingers! We also love thinking of different ways we can make each number, this is called partitioning.
We enjoy practising our number skills at ‘Busy Time’ in lots of different ways…

We think ‘Lucky Dip Numbers’ is great fun. You delve in the pot to choose one, then carefully unfold the paper to find what number is hidden inside! It’s always a surprise and we love surprises!

We enjoy playing hopscotch with our friends saying the number the bean bag lands on before we hop and jump our way to fetch it back, so our friend can have their turn.

We love playing games, our favourites are pairs, ‘A Game of Ladybirds’ and ‘Spotty Dog’. It’s great winning the cards and finding out who has the biggest number of cards at the end of the game and is the ✨🌟WINNER🌟✨!

We have been practising our one to one correspondence too, doing our good thinking and careful counting so the quantity matches the number we’ve been given.

Building towers is another favourite activity with our numberblocks. Sometimes the towers get so big we can’t count all the blocks! We try to make them bigger than ourselves and then we compare our towers and remember to do our good talking to describe who has the biggest tower and who has the smallest.

We love our ‘Number Busy Time.’ All our magical maths is great at helping us become maths masters!

Well done Nursery!
Mrs Farrington, Mrs Taylor and Miss Atkins

A Spectacular Sports Day! 🏅

Nursery have had great fun on their first ‘Sports Day.’ The children were super and enjoyed competing against each other in their races. To start, we had a running race! We got into our starting positions… On your marks, get set, GO! We had to remember to run as fast as we could!

For our next race, we had to remember to go slowly to make sure we didn’t drop our eggs! We had a cracking good time!

Lastly, we all blossomed beautifully in our ‘Flower Pot’ race. We had to balance a quoit on our head, then pick up a flower pot, plant the flower, before giving it some water to help it grow, then run to the finish! We had lots of fun racing and cheering all our friends on!

We were spectacular sports people, and were pleased to receive our well deserved medals! 🏅

🏅🌟Well done Nursery! You are sporty superstars!🌟🏅We are very proud of you all!

Mrs Farrington, Mrs Taylor and Miss Atkins

The Wild Woods…

We read ‘The Wild Woods’ by Simon James. Just like Jess and her Grandad we explored the woods. We found different things to Jess but we had just as much fun and just like Jess we can’t wait to visit the ‘BIG woods’ again.

Our adventure started in ‘Base Camp’…

In the story, Jess found a squirrel that she followed through the woods and she also spotted some ducks. In our wood, we uncovered some wiggly worms that were hiding under a big log. We carefully held them in our hands before putting them back where we found them. They felt quite tickly as they wiggled around!

We carefully put their log roof back on, so they could enjoy their cool, dark home.

We also found dinosaur footprints and searched for magical creatures who were hiding in the trees…

We enjoyed climbing, crawling, building, balancing, bouncing and making discoveries with our friends…

Some of us used sticks to practise our writing too…

See you soon for our next adventure…

Mrs Farrington, Mrs Taylor and Miss Atkins

More Brilliant Books!

Now we are all back together with our friends in school, we celebrated our love of stories again, with our special ‘World Book Day 2’. We celebrated with a Julia Donaldson day. All week we have listened to our favourite stories by Julia Donaldson. Her books are very popular with the children and they love joining in with the repetitive language. We listened to songs that retold her stories and we had a go at retelling some of her stories too, pretending to be the old lady and the wise old man from ‘A Squash and a Squeeze’ in the home corner and using the farm to retell ‘What the Ladybird Heard’. I wonder if you can do some good looking and spot the ladybird? 🐞

One of our favourite characters is the Gruffalo. We used 2D shapes to make Gruffalo heads.

He has terrible tusks, and terrible claws, and terrible teeth in his terrible jaws.

He has knobbly knees, and turned out toes, and a poisonous wart at the end of his nose.

His eyes are orange, his tongue is black, he has purple prickles all over his back.” The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson

We made Stick Man, Stick Lady and stick children.

“Stick Man lives in the family tree

With his Stick Lady Love and their stick children three.” Stick Man by Julia Donaldson

We thought about Superworm and talked about the size of Superworm and some of his worm friends.

Superworm is super long, Superworm is super strong,

Watch him wiggle, see him squirm,

Hip, hip hooray for Superworm!” Superworm by Julia Donaldson

We talked about our favourite stories and thought about why we liked them.

“Superworm because he’s so strong!”

Pea story… Pea on the dog! Pea under the fridge!”

“Paw Patrol story because of the pups and Ryder.”

“Stick man because I like it, because Daddy reads it and it’s funny.”

“My favourite story is the Gruffalo because the Gruffalo… he’s good, because he be friends with the mouse.”

“My favourite story is Elsa one because it matches my dress and my hair.”

“My favourite story is Willy Wonka because he can flip round!”

“My story is What the Ladybird Heard because the ladybird tricks Hefty Hugh and Lanky Len.”

…and of course we all looked fabulous dressed up as our favourite book characters.

We hope you enjoy reading lots more stories with your families Nursery.

Have a wonderful Easter! 🌷🐰🥚🐣🐥🐣🥚🐰🌷

Mrs Farrington, Mrs Taylor and Mrs Morgan

Brilliant Books!

Thank you for the wonderful pictures you sent us on World Book Day, it was fantastic to see so many of you celebrating stories at home. We really enjoyed hearing all about your favourite books and characters and seeing all the fantastic story activities you thought of. I think we all agree – books are brilliant!

We are really looking forward to seeing you all back in school and can’t wait to share stories together again.

See you soon,

Mrs Farrington, Mrs Taylor and Mrs Morgan

Lockdown Learners!

A snow puzzle for you… Who made these footprints? Can you guess?

After some very cold weeks and all the excitement of the snow, we are looking forward to seeing some signs of spring. So the children in school have been painting some beautiful flowers, while we wait for the spring bulbs to pop up and brighten our world.

At home, you have all been exceptionally busy. You are brilliant lockdown learners, and we are constantly amazed at how hard you are all working! You are fantastic examples of how to be responsible, our new whole school value. You have excellent attitudes towards your home learning, as well as helping your families at home by tidying your toys and your bedrooms, helping with cleaning, learning to cook, cooperating with your brothers and sisters and looking after pets you have. Well done all of you! You make us feel so proud!

Alexia has been doing lots of fantastic activities. She has been working hard on her pencil control and cutting skills and has been using her number cards to find how many there are altogether when you add two numbers. She has been thinking about all the special days we’ve just had, she made a Chinese dragon, cooked pancakes and even played a Valentine’s sounds bingo game! 🌟✨Super work, well done Alexia!✨🌟

Ameerah has been enjoying lots of different activities. She is still watching the daily RWI lessons to help with her sounds and her big brother has been helping her learn them too! She has made three different size bears for daddy, mummy and baby by hunting for different size circles at home to draw around. She has been having fun practising her counting skills and has also had time to make pizza, practice balancing on her scooter and go out for lots of walks, where she has collected leaves to print with! 🌟✨Wow! You have been busy! Well done Ameerah!✨🌟

Abel has been busy making his hands strong! He has been practicing his pencil control and scissor skills. We know you love drawing Abel and making up wonderful stories to go with your pictures! 🌟✨Well done!✨🌟

Bridie has been brave exploring in her garden looking for creatures! She has made a beautiful flower and thought about the different parts of a flower and what they are called. She has also been learning about 2D and 3D shapes and how to tell the time. She has been using lots of fantastic positional language to describe where Jess the cat is hiding and playing a fun lava game, where she mustn’t touch the floor! How exciting! 🌟✨Great work Bridie, well done!✨🌟

Darisa has turned into a scientist and has been experimenting with colour. She has mixed colours, and added different colours to snow she collected, and turned white flowers different colours by putting them in the coloured water she made. She baked a beautiful rainbow heart cake for her Daddy for Valentine’s Day and has also been cooking some lovely pancakes which she drizzled honey on. She has also been busy practising her writing, thinking about her sounds, doing jigsaws, playing board games and enjoying her number work with the Numberblocks! 🌟✨Fantastic work, well done Darisa!✨🌟

Max has been busy at home making gingerbread men out of paper and real ones to eat! He is enjoying playing board games, practising his sounds, his cutting skills and has even made a sock puppet to play with, as well as enjoying muddy walks with his brother and decorating his pancakes with fabulous faces. 🌟✨Super work, well done Max!✨🌟

Edith has been working really hard. She has been practising her cutting skills, giving Shirley a haircut and a full make over, she has learnt how to plait hair and has made Shirley look beautiful! She has enjoyed acting out the story of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ with her big sister and has made her porridge taste ‘just right’ like Baby Bear’s by adding maple syrup. She has been very responsible at home, making her own lunch and even helping out with some decorating! Edith has built a fairy garden which she has been looking after, remembering to water both the grass and the pea shoots. Edith has also been thinking about healthy eating, sorting food into groups. 🌟✨Great work, well done!✨🌟

Edith has also been practising her singing! 🎶 I hope you like her beautiful song! 🎶 🌟✨Well done Edith!✨🌟

Elsie has been working brilliantly with her family, baking yummy cakes, investigating shapes that the ‘Carrots’ left for them, bouncing together in the sun, drawing a self portrait and even drawing in the snow! 🌟✨Fabulous work, well done Elsie!✨🌟

Raimy has been practising his writing, his sounds and adding numbers to find the total. He has also been doing lots of amazing drawings! 🌟✨Good work, well done Raimy!

Erin has been practising riding her bicycle, enjoying reading lots of lovely stories and baking cakes with her big brother! 🌟✨Great work Erin, well done!✨🌟

Erin has also been practising her hopping! Hopping is tricky, so Erin must be persevering to improve her hopping skills, an excellent quality to have, well done Erin!

Franquie has been having lots of fun playing board games. She is also being very responsible while she’s been at home, helping out with lots of jobs around the house. She is helping look after her baby sister and being an excellent role model to her. Franquie would also be able to help Baby Bear tidy his bed and cook him some dinner! Your pizza looks delicious! 🌟✨Brilliant work Franquie, well done!✨🌟

Roux has been practising his sounds, pencil control, cuttings skills and thinking about ordering things by size. 🌟✨We can see you’re really concentrating Roux, well done!✨🌟

Imogen has been listening carefully and being creative, practising her cutting skills. She has enjoyed flying her kite in the windy weather and been thinking about how she can be responsible. 🌟✨Fantastic work, well done Imogen! ✨🌟

Kelsie-J has enjoyed the snowy weather and has been helping take care of her cat. 🌟✨Good work Kelsie,well done!✨🌟

Leah has been having fun getting messy hand printing with her big sister, practising her sounds and her pencil control. 🌟✨Super work Leah, well done!✨🌟

Yusuf has been enjoying being outside. He has played hide and seek in the woods, enjoyed splashing in water and had fun exploring a den. He has been practising his pencil skills inside and outside, and has drawn a colourful rainbow. He’s made different size bears, bowls, chairs and beds with his sister so they can retell the story of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears.’ Yusuf has also been thinking lots about being responsible and worked hard with his sister to make a super ‘Responsibility’ poster and drew his own pictures about his responsibilities at home. 🌟✨Fantastic work Yusuf, well done!✨🌟

Poppy has been having fun painting and practising her counting. 🌟✨Good work Poppy, well done!✨🌟

Phoebe has been keeping fit with her family, practising her counting and subitising skills playing board games, has made a beautiful heart for her mummy and is enjoying dressing up and role playing. 🌟✨Great work Phoebe, well done!✨🌟

Sophie-Ann did some delicious looking baking to celebrate ‘World Nutella Day.’ She has also been working hard thinking about her sounds, writing little words, practising her pencil control and making and describing patterns with her bears. 🌟✨Fantastic work, well done Sophie-Ann!✨🌟

Zack has been busy practising his writing, his sounds, his number recognition and working on his subitising skills. He has also been practising his cutting and made a mummy and a baby bear. 🌟✨Great work Zack, well done!✨🌟

February has been a quieter birthday month with just one birthday! 🥳🎉🎁🎈🎂Big happy birthday wishes to Jayden! 4 big claps for you Jayden!🎂🎈🎁🎉🥳

Before I go, I know that lots of you love rainbows. When I was out for a walk with my children we saw this rainbow and I thought you’d love to see it. Have any of you spotted a rainbow when you’ve been out walking with your family? 🌈

Take care and stay safe.

Mrs Farrington, Mrs Taylor and Mrs Morgan 😊🌈😊🌈😊🌈

Greedy Goldilocks! 🥣

Goldilocks has been spotted in the Nursery garden!!! She was peering through the door looking in at the bear’s kitchen! I think she was looking for more porridge!

A few days later she was spotted again! This time she was in the bear’s kitchen looking at the porridge pot. Then she was seen near the bear’s table, looking to see if there was anymore porridge for her to eat! 🥣

Have you been like Goldilocks and tried any porridge while you’ve been at home? You could send in pictures of you eating your porridge and let us know what makes your porridge ‘just right.’ We look forward to seeing your porridge pictures.

We know that lots of you are working so hard at home, you are all doing so many fantastic things, it is always a joy to see what you have been doing and I know lots of you are enjoying looking at this blog to spot your friends and be inspired by all their 🌟✨wonderful work ✨🌟

Edith has been enjoying lots of different stories and making up her own ones as well, she has been blowing things, just like the big bad wolf! She has been ordering things by size, counting carefully, matching number and quantity and subitising too. She has been doing her good listening for sounds in words and drawing lots of amazing pictures. 🌟✨Brilliant work Edith, well done! ✨🌟

Raimy has been busy, enjoying lots of different activities while he’s at home. He has been cooking, building and being creative, using both man made and natural items. Raimy has been practising his pencil control and has been doing lots of number work too. 🌟✨Fabulous work Raimy, well done! ✨🌟

Erin has been reading stories to her toys, practising her pencil control and thinking carefully about different sizes. She has made salt dough, then rolled it, cut it out and decorated it. She has also been looking carefully at her sounds and is starting to blend them together so she can read little words! 🌟✨Amazing work Erin, well done!✨🌟

Yusuf has been enjoying the story of ‘Little Red Riding Hood.’ He has helped retell the story using a story map and by being the wolf; acting out the story with his sister, which he loved. They have enjoyed being creative together and decided they’d like to make some rockets. He has also been working hard practising his sounds and looking at numbers. 🌟✨Super work Yusuf, well done! ✨🌟

Alexia has been thinking about bears and has made a poster about her favourite bear. She has been practising her pencil control and letter formation, playing games to help practise her sounds and thinking about little words. This week she made a big, blue gingerbread man and a beautiful dream catcher. 🌟✨Fantastic work Alexia, well done!✨🌟

Leah has been having lots of fun keeping fit with her sister, she has also been working hard joining in with the daily RWI phonics lessons to practise her sounds. 🌟✨Great work Leah, well done!✨🌟

Roux has been creative building lots of different models with his Lego and talking about all his wonderful creations. He has been busy practising his pencil control and recognising his sounds. He’s also made some very delicious looking cupcakes, they look fantastic! 🌟✨Brilliant work Roux, well done!✨🌟

Phoebe has been watching the RWI daily lessons too, to help practise her sounds. She has been doing some important sorting jobs at home, to help keep all her toys tidy and has been enjoying getting out everyday with her family for some fresh air and exercise. 🌟✨Great work Phoebe, well done!✨🌟

Freddy-Avais has been enjoying some fresh air and exercise, as well as practising his sounds with his big sister. 🌟✨ Super work Freddy, well done!✨🌟

Ameerah has been very busy, she has been doing lots of fantastic number work, ordering numbers and counting carefully to match number and quantity. She’s enjoying reading stories, has made a big gingerbread girl and some yummy gingerbread to eat! She has enjoyed visiting the horses when out for a walk too. 🌟✨Amazing work Ameerah, well done!✨🌟

In school we have made some bear faces, some were happy, and some were sad, just like Baby bear.

We have also made our own little ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ set of characters which we can use to retell the story.

January has been a very busy birthday month.

🥳🎉🎁🎈🎂Big happy birthday wishes to Elsie, Zack, Poppy, Darisa and Phoebe! 4 big claps for you all! 🎂🎈🎁🎉🥳

We hope you all had very special and wonderful birthdays with your families.

Finally our gallery of all your fun in the snow…

Yusuf had a visitor to his garden in the snow…

Do any of you know what animal it is?

Keep sending us all your wonderful photos and videos of your work, we love looking at them all. You are all doing an amazing job and working so hard for your families while you are at home keeping safe, we are very proud of you. Keep up all your 🌟✨wonderful work ✨🌟

Take care and stay safe,

Mrs Farrington, Mrs Taylor and Mrs Morgan

🌟✨Wonderful Work✨🌟

Just before Christmas the children exercised their green fingers, digging and planting bulbs to brighten up our Nursery garden. First, they worked together to fill the big flower pots, it was hard work! Everyone had to do lots of digging and shovelling!

Since last being together, as you all know things have changed a lot and lots of you are staying safe at home. It has been lovely speaking to you all and hearing about what you’re doing. We have been overwhelmed with all the wonderful pictures you have sent in. You are all working so hard, your families are doing a fantastic job! We are so very proud of you all and are missing you lots too, so love seeing the photos of all your 🌟✨wonderful work✨🌟 I know lots of you are missing your friends, so will enjoy looking at these pictures and spotting your friends and seeing what they have been getting up to whilst at home.


At school, we have also been thinking about ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ and poor baby bear is feeling very sad!

He was so upset to find Goldilocks had eaten up all of his porridge! Then when he found his chair was broken too, it made him so sad, he started to cry! Poor baby bear! It was horrible finding Goldilocks in his bed, but she has run away now! Although, we think we may have seen her wandering around the woods trying to peep in the window again! Mummy and Daddy bear are doing their best to cheer baby bear up. Mummy bear is busy making more porridge, and she is helping Daddy bear to fix the chair, so there are lots of sawing and banging noises coming from the cottage! Baby bear is a very good little bear and has tidied his bed to help his mummy and daddy. Do you think you can learn to tidy your beds to help your families? Then you can be just like baby bear 🐻 but much happier, of course 😁

We look forward to seeing more of your work soon. Please keep sending your pictures and videos to postbox@rushall.walsall.sch.uk.

🌟✨Remember, you are all 🌟✨amazing✨🌟 and doing a fantastic job ✨🌟

Stay safe and take care,

Mrs Farrington, Mrs Taylor and Mrs Morgan

Crazy for Christmas! 🌟🎄🌟

The children looked fantastic on Monday in their Christmas outfits. They were very brave and we were so proud of them all taking to the big stage for their Christmas performance. They were amazing and used their big voices and all joined in enthusiastically with the songs! We hope you enjoy the show and it brings you all some Christmas joy…

In Nursery, we have all been very excited about Christmas, we have been counting down the days on our advent calendar and taking turns to see what is inside for each day. The children have enjoyed telling us about what they have been doing at home in preparation for Christmas and there seems to have been an invasion of troublesome elves in the area, that have been getting up to mischief in lots of the children’s houses.

We have been helping Santa get ready for the big day, by helping trim his beard, so it doesn’t get too messy!

In addition to all of this, we had time for some special ‘Golden Moments’ too! The children have been doing some fantastic talking and remembering their good manners, being brave, doing their good listening, behaving exceptionally, being fantastic friends and working really hard at home making their mummy’s and daddy’s feel proud. Well done all of you!

We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas 🦌🌟🎄🎅🏼🎄🌟🦌 Thank you for our wonderful cards and gifts, they are very much appreciated.

Stay safe and take care,

Mrs Farrington, Mrs Taylor and Miss Knight

We look forward to seeing you all in 2021!

Active Adventures!

Last week, Nursery enjoyed an adventure to the little woods. We popped on our wellies and went exploring with our friends.

This week we got active indoors. We learnt how to find a space and we played the ‘Bean’ game. We were runner beans, jumping beans, broad beans and jelly beans! We had lots of fun being beans!

As always we have had lots of ‘Golden Moments’ to celebrate too! The children have been working really hard, doing their good thinking and good looking, they have been joining in enthusiastically and have been coming to school with super smiles, making everyone in Nursery feel happy! We are so proud of all our children and their ‘Golden Moments.’

Take care and stay safe,

Mrs Farrington, Mrs Taylor and Miss Knight